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The Village at Vinnin Square is a large condominium community located behind Loring Avenue in Salem, MA, with nearly 350 residences. The community was built in a series of six phases, starting in 1986, by original developer L. James Zieff with the intent to create the premier address for condominium living on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

The Village at Vinnin Square Condominium Trust was the second phase of this unique six-phase development, each of which has its own Board of Trustees, management team, rules and regulations, and, most importantly, distinct community atmosphere. The final phase of the community’s construction was completed in May of 1987. Cyndy Anselmo, Owner of East Coast Properties, began managing the Village at Vinnin Square Condominium Trust during August of 2001.

The Village at Vinnin Square is nestled between two neighboring condominium developments and surrounded by stone walls which enhance the parameter of the community. Sitting on nearly 8 acres of beautifully landscaped land, the Village at Vinnin Square Condominium Trust has 100 residences spread across five six-plex buildings, a midrise building which houses 58 Garden-style units, and a series of townhouses. For blueprints of our unit floorplans, please visit here. In the heart of our community, there is a large island of land covered in colorful flowers, trees, and plants. Each home within the Village at Vinnin Square has at least a one car garage, and most have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Board of Trustees holds monthly meetings the third Thursday of every month in the recreation room located at 50 Freedom Hollow. The Village at Vinnin Square is home to hundreds of residents who are able to enjoy the many benefits of living in a professionally managed condominium community. Residents of our community have access to the Village at Vinnin Square Recreation Facility, which has two tennis courts and an inground pool available free of charge.


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