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Welcome to the Village at Vinnin Square Website…

The Village at Vinnin Square is a condominium community located behind Loring Avenue in Salem, MA.

The Village at Vinnin Square website allows both residents and community members to keep track of upcoming events and find local businesses, restaurants, and public parks and recreation centers in and around Salem. The website features an Event Calendar, which publicizes events hosted within the community as well as the City of Salem, and an Announcements page where home solutions and repair tips as well as important information regarding snow removal procedures, condo association meetings, and new condo policies are posted.

The private side of the website is currently under construction. Our private website, intended for Village at Vinnin Square residents, features a discussion forum where residents can interact with one another and submit suggestions to the Board of Trustees and the rest of our property management staff. Residents can also request condominium documents, create a personalized user profile, and access rules and regulations, insurance certificates, and automobile/pet registration forms pertaining to the Village at Vinnin Square community within the private website.

For any time sensitive requests, please contact Cyndy Anselmo, Property Manager, by phone at 978-741-2003.


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